Scoutr is a website catered towards competitive athletes and their parents. Scoutr provides a forum for athletes and parents to anonymously rate, review and share their athletic experience. The primary motive is to provide athletes and families with credible and insightful information from a player and family perspective. Think Yelp! or Rate My Professor for competitive sports!

Athletes are able to rate and review:
  • Academics
  • Travel
  • Equipment
  • Facilities
  • Management
  • Living Conditions
  • Game Atmosphere
  • Team Reputation
  • Exposure
Parents are able to leave an anonymous comment on the team page detailing their experience. Both athlete and parent reviews are moderated and approved before published online. 

Scoutr began as an idea in 2015, and after two years of research, development and hard work, it officially launched in February of 2017. Currently, hockey is the only sport available for review; however, there are plans to scale to lacrosse and all other collegiate sports in the near future.

Founder's Story

Founder, Stormer Santana was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada and started playing hockey at a young age.

As an elite level goaltender in a small town, the competitive mentality kicked in early, so to did the big decisions. Stormer found himself playing hockey at the famed Shattuck St. Mary’s prep school in Minnesota. Upon arrival, he was immediately exposed to the rigors of trying to excel as student-athlete. Striving to play at the highest level, upon graduation, he ventured into the world of junior hockey, with hopes of continued development and being recruited to play college hockey. He and his family quickly realized that there are a myriad of decisions to be made and no resources available to break down the complexity of those decisions.

During these years, it became overwhelmingly obvious how little information was available to athletes when it came to being traded, deciding on a new team or being recruited by a team. This is why Scoutr was created. To provide the athlete and their family the proper transparency to make informed decisions.

It is the goal and passion of Stormer to ensure that future competitive athletes have a voice; a credible resource to tap into through Scoutr.

Stormer is currently studying finance and economics at the University of Denver, with plans to graduate in 2018.